Prince Alwaleed bin Talal rumoured visit to Israel

Wednesday 15th Jul 2015
Prince Alwaleed rumoured visit to Israel (SPA)

Prince Alwaleed rumoured visit to Israel (SPA)

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Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is rumoured to be planning a visit to Israel in the near future, according to reports published in the Jerusalem Post. If the visit does go ahead it could be a historic breakthrough. King Salman has recently called for a renewed dialogue with Israel, so this visit would be the next logical step forward.

Prince Alwaleed is known for both his business and political acumen, and would be a perfect emissary to bridge the gap and open the way to bilateral relations, and both a furthering of the peace process and legitimate recognition of the state of Palestine.

The Prince has often urged his family towards a more moderate approach to Israel, which is still considered as an illegally occupied territory by the Saudi Royals.

In a recent statement Prince Alwaleed called for Muslims in the Middle East “to desist from their absurd hostility toward the Jewish people,” the prince went on to announce that Saudi King Salman has instructed him to open a direct dialogue with Israel’s intellectuals in pursuit of amicable ties with all of Israel’s Arab neighbours.

Prince Talal denounced the growing waves of anti-Semitism in the region and praised Israel as the region’s sole democratic entity.

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