Prince Mohammed bin Salman faces difficult questions over civilian deaths

Wednesday 08th Jul 2015
Mohammed bin Salman (SPA)

Mohammed bin Salman (SPA)

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A Saudi air strike struck a livestock market in southern Yemen on Monday, killing more than 45 people – the deadliest civilian bombing of a campaign that has now lasted three months.

The blast happened during trading hours at the market in the Fayyoush district of Lahj province. The Associated Press reported that the death toll was at least 45, with more than 50 wounded

“I came right after the explosion and saw dozens of dead strewn about and a sea of blood, while the wounded were being evacuated to nearby hospitals,” resident Abu-Ali al-Azibi told the Associated Press.
“There was blood from people mixed with that of the sheep and other livestock at the market.”

The Saudi-led coalition headed by Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud, launched their offensive in March after the Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, took control of Sana’a, and moved on the Aden forcing the Saudi-backed president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee the country. The Prince is now facing difficult questions from the international community about the mounting civilian death toll and growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

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