Houthi Defenses Outwitted by Skilled Saudi Pilots

Monday 30th Mar 2015


Houthi defences have been outwitted by excellent Saudi pilots. The Saudi pilots outmanoeuvred the Houthi defences, without getting shot. Social networking sites became in possession of a short six minute video clip, showing a Saudi pilot (being filmed by a fellow officer) skilfully evading Houthi defences.

Saudi pilots have a good reputation since the 1991 with the Gulf War. The pilot of an F- 15 C plane, Ayed Al-Shamrani shot down in thirty seconds two Iraqi war planes. An Egyptian strategic expert, Sayed Al-Jabiri, mentioned the professionalism and courage of Saudi pilots since 26 March, when operation Decisive Storm was agreed upon. He mentioned the difficulty of arranging and coordinating operations in different geographical areas.

General Husam Sweilim, who was the previous director of a strategic center in Egypt, mentioned that what was necessary for this operation to be successful, is a high level of effort and cooperation, as well as reliable intelligence.

Michael Knights from the Near East Policy at the Washington Institute, mentioned that Saudi Arabia gained already much experienced from previous encounters with Houthi attacks. The latest attacks though, were complicated military operations. Things might become even more complicated if Riyadh will start to be used against the Houthis in northern Yemen.

Knights said that successful strikes have been carried out against military units in Sanaa, as well as important areas under the control of the Houthis in Harf Sufyan under the government of Amran. The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar air forces have been included by the raids.
Involved in these operations, were hundred and seventy fighter planes. Of the total of hundred and seventy, hundred planes were from Saudi Arabia. The planes were mostly F-15’s and Tornadoes. Thirty planes from the United Arab Emirates, fifteen from Bahrain, six from Jordan and six from Morocco.

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