Saudi authorities arrest thousands of Yemen illegal Immigrants

Monday 30th Mar 2015

Saudi authorities have arrested over 50,000 illegal immigrants during the last three months. This is according to a statement the Saudi Border Guard spokesman Mr. Mohammad Al Ghamdiy made on Wednesday.
A large percentage of those caught are Yemen job seekers who are fleeing the violence back at their home, Mr. Mohammed added during a phone interview. He said that in 2014 alone, Saudi authorities detained 286,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Southern border.
Saudi Arabia shares approximately 1,100 mile border with Yemen, where the fight between pro-Saudi forces and Al Houthi fighters is getting worse each day. The declining Yemen authority over militias and terrorists has allowed the Al Qaida terrorists to establish a base in Yemen and use it to attack.
The Saudi Foreign Minister, Mr. Prince Saud Al Faisal also said that the Gulf countries are planning to take extreme measures to protect the Gulf Al Houthi fighters if they fail to strike a peaceful deal. Saudi Arabia has agreed to use all peaceful means to end the fighting.

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