King Salman concludes tour of Asia

Monday 20th Mar 2017
King Salman and delegation on tour of Asia

King Salman and delegation on tour of Asia

King Salman has concluded his month-long tour of Asia, having visited Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and China.

The visits to countries that are some of world’s biggest importers of Saudi oil aim to promote further investment opportunities in the KSA, including the upcoming IPO of national oil company Saudi Aramco.

The trip attracted international attention, especially with regard to the size of the logistical undertaking involved: six Boeing 747’s were chartered, alongside the official Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft, to transport the King and the 1000 plus entourage, which included 25 princes, 10 ministers and over 100 security personnel.

The trip is hailed as a great success in strengthening bilarteral relations, military cooperation, and investment – In China, King Salman oversaw the signing of deals worth as much as $65 billion on the first day of his visit there on Thursday.

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