King Salman inaugurates GCC summit in Riyadh

Sunday 09th Dec 2018

King Salman inaugurated the 39th GCC Summit in Riyadh today, speaking on the critical situation in Yemen finding a solution to the conflict with the Houthi Rebels, as well as the Palestinian situation and what it means to the GCC.

Leaders from the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait and Qatar were all present at the Summit in Riyadh.

Qatar’s State minister of foreign affairs to headed its delegation to the GCC summit, which drew criticism from Bahrain’s foreign minister who tweeted: “Qatar’s emir should have accepted the fair demands (of the boycotting states) and attended the summit.”

King Salman at 39th GCC summit Riyadh

The ongoing wars in Yemen and Syria, as well as ISIS activity in Iraq, topped the agenda at the summit, the 39th since the GCC was established. GCC leaders “will discuss a number of important issues in Gulf joint action and what has been achieved in the framework of achieving Gulf integration and cooperation in the political, defense, economic and legal fields,” according to GCC Secretary-General Abdul Latif Al-Zayani.

The GCC leaders will also discuss the latest regional and international political developments, and the security situation in the region, he said.

General Al-Zayani said he hoped the summit would produce fruitful ideas and strategies to strengthen Gulf cooperation and integration across all fields, and realize the ambitions of Gulf states’ people for greater cohesion and peace across the region.

The last GCC summit was in December of last year in Kuwait and resulted in the Kuwait Declaration, in which the GCC leaders emphasized the role of the GCC and its keenness on preserving the gains and realizing the aspirations of its citizens for further achievements.

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