King Salman “Royals not above the law”

Thursday 04th Jun 2015
King Salman making his address on Wednesday (Photo SPA)

King Salman making his address on Wednesday (Photo SPA)

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During an address to senior officials and citizens interested in combating corruption in the Kingdom, King Salman made it clear that any citizens in Saudi Arabia can file a lawsuit against members of the royal family, including the King and Crown Prince. The statement was well received and shows the moderate side to the kingdom, as many other gulf states provide complete immunity to their absolute Monarchies.

King Salman went on to provide an example of a case between a citizen and the late King Abdul Aziz, describing how the citizen wanted a Sharia verdict so the two went to a renowned judge in Riyadh, Sheikh Saad Bin Atiq, for the settling of the dispute.

The King gave a clear message to his subjects: “If you see anything harming a citizen or an individual or a tribe or a town, our doors and ears are open for you,” the King said, and also added “I am more concerned about the rights of citizens than my rights,” King Salman said.

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