Saudi Royal Family condemn US recognition of Golan Height as Israeli territory

Tuesday 26th Mar 2019

The Saudi Royal Family joined other Arab leaders today in condemning the United States’ decision to formally recognize the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as an official Israeli territory.

Breaking over 30 years of international agreement, President Trump signed a proclamation at the White House on Monday to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the border area that Israel seized from Syria in 1967.

The Saudi Royals have strongly rejected Trump’s decision and affirmed their position regarding Golan Heights, and that it is an occupied territory that belongs to Syria.

Leaders from the KSA’s neighbouring nations of Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE have also released statements today expressing their regret over this announcement made by US over the occupied Golan Heights.

Golan Heights

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, announced that the move by the US Government “does not change the area’s status” – that it is an illegally occupied territory.

“Trump does not have the right or the legal authority to legitimize the occupation,” a foreign ministry spokesman added.

Lebanon also commented on the US President’s declaration – saying that the move “violates all the rules of international law” and “undermines any effort to reach a just peace.”

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