Saudi Royal Family says Palestine are a top priority

Sunday 03rd Mar 2019

Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, headed the Kingdom’s delegation to the 46th session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Council of Foreign Ministers on Friday, where he reiterated the Saudi Royal Family’s strong pro-Palestine stance in respect to its 1967 borders with Israel.

Al-Jubeir emphasised that the Palestinians are a close ally and that their security and wellbeing are top priorities of the Saudi Royal Family, and that the House of Saud will not be satisfied until a Palestinian state has been established within international law and treaties.

The Minister also spoke about the dangers of Islamic terrorism and extremism, and expressed disappointment about the continued Iran-funded terrorist coup in Yemen against its legitimate government.

He reiterated the Saudi Royal Family’s support for the UN special envoy’s efforts to solve the strife in Yemen and reach a peaceful political solution to the crisis and famine that grips the country.

Al-Jubeir spoke at length on Iran and their aggressive continuation of destabilising terrorist activities in the region, and how they are fueling sectarian tensions through interference in the affairs of other sovereign nations.

Al-Jubeir also met with foreign ministers from UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia, Tajikistan, India, Mauritania and Niger.

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