House of Saud receive $1.5 Billion rearmament from USA to support war

Friday 12th Aug 2016


The Pentagon announced its intention to sell $1.5 billion in armaments to support Saudi Arabia in its military endeavors. This is the latest in a series of recent deals, the United States sold more than $20 billion worth of military equipment and support to the Saudis last year.

The new deal comes as the KSA redouble the military campaign against the occupying Houthi rebels, who now control restricted portions of Yemen, including the capital Sanaa. Despite attempts at cease-fires, the ground war has continued for more than a year.

The war against the rebels has claimed thousands of lives and displaced about 2.4 million people. Yemen is past the brink of collapse. Famine looms and medicine is scarce. More than 21 million out of 24 million people in the country need some form of humanitarian assistance, and half of the population has too little food. That is almost double the number in Syria.

Employees look through the damage at al-Aqel food factory, which made potato chips near Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa, after it was hit by a Saudi-led coalition strike on Aug. 9, 2016, killing more than a dozen workers, medics said.

The Houthis ousted Yemen’s U.S.- and Saudi-backed Sunni government last year. Many have speculated that steadfast U.S. support for the Saudi coalition stems from a desire to assuage their nerves after the United States and other world powers signed a nuclear agreement with Iran. The Saudi-led coalition has also targeted al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen, which U.S. officials see as the group’s most dangerous affiliate.

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