King Salman inaugurates $4.26bn of projects in Qassim

Friday 09th Nov 2018

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman inaugurated more than 600 projects worth over SAR16bn ($4.26bn) during a visit to the Qassim region this week.

King Salman in Qassim

King Salman in Qassim

The investment will be channeled into improving education, housing, roads, environment, water, electricity, public services and other areas, as quoted by the region’s Governor Prince Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz.

The projects, totalling 402 in 12 sectors, will be worth approximately worth SAR12.15bn ($3.23bn). King Salman will start a further 199 projects in the government sector worth SAR4.2bn ($

King Salman arrived in Qassim on Tuesday, and ordered the release of all prisoners held on insolvency offences whose financial obligations are not in excess of SAR1m ($267,000) – providing they are not convicted of any criminal offence.

The Qassim visit is part of a kingdom-wide tour by King Salman, who is also inaugurating similar projects in other regions across the KSA.

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