Mohammed bin Salman gifted golden submachine gun by Pakistan

Thursday 21st Feb 2019

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received a fantastic gift from the Pakistani government yesterday – an eye-catching gold-plated and engraved Heckler & Koch MP5.

The iconic submachine, gun born of German engineering, was gifted to the Prince at the end of his Pakistan visit, before he travelled on to India on Tuesday night to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss tackling the terrorism and increasing pressure on those nations still supporting it.

The gift was presented at the end of MBS’s visit, after having signed agreements to invest $20bn in the country, a crucial injection of money for the stricken economy suffering a serious foreign-currency problem and which is negotiating its 13th bailout by the IMF in 40 years. The Saudis also announced the release and pardoning of more than 2,000 Pakistani prisoners from their jails.

MBS gives speech in earlier this week

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