Prince Alwaleed Net Worth – What is the Prince’s current Net Worth?

Tuesday 30th Aug 2016
Prince Alwaleed's Net worth is currently reported by Forbes at 17.7 Billion

Prince Alwaleed’s Net worth is currently reported by Forbes at 17.7 Billion

Prince Alwaleed Net Worth – This is a source of much speculation and debate. The official figure reported by Forbes Magazine currently stand the Prince’s fortune at 17.7 Billion dollars, up 400 million in the past few months. This places Prince Alwaleed as world’s the wealthiest Arab.

Prince Alwaleed Net Worth – Investment Genius

Referred to as the “Arabian Warren Buffet”, Prince Alwaleed owns stakes in a number of companies in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. These stakes are primarily owned by his Kingdom Holding Co., 5% of which is currently listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange. The Prince has built his fortune through some genius investment moves, including purchasing stakes in Citigroup, Twitter, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts and Fairmont Raffles Holding, as well as stakes Hotel George V in Paris and a stake in the Savoy Hotel in London.

Prince Alwaleed net worth

Prince Alwaleed’s Rumoured Takeover of Twitter

Prince Alwaleed has recently been rumoured to be putting together a takeover bid for Twitter, along with partner, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The move has yet to materialise, but Industry insiders still remain positive that the Saudi magnate may make a move to buy the micro-blogging juggernaut later this year or early 2017.

Prince Alwaleed Net Worth – Philanthropy

The Prince is also renowned for how he spends his incredible fortune, not only for his personal excess, but for his charitable works aimed at improving the lives of those less fortunate than himself. He is quoted on his own website as stating “I believe in working hard and being successful, because success breeds success and that drives me. But it’s also about helping your immediate community, the society, the nation, and the whole world in general.”

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