Saudi Special security forces present latest equipment at Janadriyah festival

Saturday 17th Feb 2018

The Special Security Forces Exhibition was opened yesterday by Commander Lt. Gen. Mufleh bin Salim Al-Otaibi at the 32nd Janadriyah National Heritage and Culture Festival.

The exhibition featured new state of the art equipment and high-end technology used to the remove and decommission explosive devices. As well as the advances in bomb disposal, new tech in X-ray detection and inspection systems for bags and packages was on show, including the “G-Scan” system used in detecting radioactive materials and metals, as well as advanced robotic devices used in the elimination and removal of explosives.

Remote rapid interference devices, many of which are equipped with sensors and X-ray capability, and ammunition, in addition to the remote-controlled, heavy-duty robot tEODor for explosive ordnance disposal and observation were also on display.

By taking part in the festival, the Special Security Forces seek to involve all parts of the community in the daily life of members of the forces out of the belief that security is a shared social responsibility.

Visitors from Saudi Arabia and around the world, including many British families living in the Kingdom, are participating in the festival, organized annually to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s lifestyle and the symbols of its identity.

People flocked to the many attractions, including traditional camel races, cultural programs, workshops, poetry sessions and exhibitions with pavilions representing provinces in the Kingdom as well as national and international organizations.
Another major attraction is the various traditional folk dances and shows, most notably, “najdi ardeh,” a warrior dance that expresses victory and pride in Saudi history.

Hajj Ministry receives visitors with Zamzam water

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah received visitors and media delegations at its pavilion at the festival, and welcomed them with Zamzam water, Arabic coffee and dates, in accordance to Saudi hospitality.

A media delegation from TV channel Russia-24 toured the pavilion’s halls and viewed the ministry’s departments, and programs that broadcast a collection of electronic services and smart platforms.

A delegation of Chinese students visited the ministry’s pavilion and used technologies that took them via 3D to the Two Holy Mosques and the holy cities, and allowed them to tour the halls of the Prophet’s Mosque and the Grand Mosque.

The ministry has launched “Kon Awnan” (be helpful), which provides programs of social responsibility and volunteer work for the Kingdom’s young men and women to serve pilgrims.

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