King Salman launches new initiative to empower small income groups

Thursday 10th Jan 2019

King Salman launched the Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development Program on Wednesday, which targets several business sectors, during at a ceremony at Al-Yamamah Palace, Riyadh.

The King highlighting the features of the new Program and its target sectors, adding that the program is part of the Kingdom’s move to optimize resources, improve the income of farmers, provide jobs, and achieve balanced development and food security. The King went on to say that “This is a great blessing from Almighty Allah that the availability of all means of education in schools, universities and colleges across the country, that makes the Kingdom attain self-sufficiency by its citizens. But the greatest blessing is the security and stability in our country that made the work proceed smoothly in every field,”.

The Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdulrahman Al-Fadli added that the program is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 which aims to create balanced social and economic development across society through the use of renewable energy, agricultural and hydrological resources over several phases.

In September of last year, King Salman issued a royal decree approving the adoption of the Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development Program in order to increase support for farmers in the Kingdom, with total financial allocations reaching approx. SR7.35 billion for a period of seven years.

Al-Fadli added that “The Program, through its eight sectors, would help empower small producers in the fields of agriculture, livestock breeding, fishing and production of honey through tapping opportunities and resources with the objective of diversifying agricultural production base in the rural regions,”.

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