Saudi Royal Family announces giant Riyadh entertainment complex

Wednesday 02nd Jan 2019

A new large-scale entertainment complex, complete with cinemas, performance venues and state-of-the-art sports facilities will be built in Riyadh, as announced by developers SEVEN.

The development will exceed 100,000 square meter and will be overseen by the Saudi Entertainment Ventures Company (SEVEN), a subsidiary of the PIF. The complex is the latest step in developing Saudi Arabia’s entertainment and leisure sector as part of “Vision 2030”.

The Riyadh entertainment complex will feature a modern design, with green and open areas, as described by Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawoud, chairman of SEVEN.

There will be an assortment of restaurants at the complex, both with Arabian and International Cuisine – the complex will serve Saudis and tourists.

The PIF established SEVEN last year with funding of approx. SR10 billion riyals ($2.67 billion USD) and hired former Disney executive Bill Ernest to run the company.

SEVEN aims to set up a number of entertainment centers around the country over the coming years, with other possible venues including Jeddah.

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