Mecca and Hajj Pilgrimage

Live video from the Holy City

The fifth pillar of Islam is to make Hajj to Mecca, at least once in a muslim’s lifetime. This is a requirement for all Muslims, providing health and finances are willing.

Mecca at peak times

The Kaaba and surrounding area (haram) when it’s full. This picture was taken during Hajj

Nearly two million Muslims from all over the globe make Hajj each year, the rites which date back to the Prophet Abraham who built the Ka’bah, are observed over five/six days, and start on the eighth day of the last month of the year. These rites include circling the Ka’bah (Tawaf), and walking between the mountains Safa and Marwah, as Hajar did during her search for water for her son Ismail. The pilgrims then stand together on the plain of Arafah and pray for God’s forgiveness. Pilgrims then cast stones at a stone pillar which in Islam represents Satan. The pilgrimage finally ends in a great festival known as “Eid Al-Adha” – Eid is celebrated by Muslims all over the world and includes the giving of gifts and animal sacrifice.