Prince Alwaleed firmly believes in the Qur’an’s promotion of peace and tolerance, and that all religious beliefs should be respected accordingly. One of Prince Alwaleed’s lifetime aims is to initiate meaningful dialogue and discussion between Islam and other world cultures to diffuse tensions and set a path towards openness, understanding, and peace. The Prince has been outraged by the violent actions of an extreme minority who have so hatefully obscured the dignity and peaceful teachings of Islam. He is determined to use his high profile to support peace and initiate positive change for every citizen of the world.

As a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal family, a high-profile international investor and one of the world’s most prominent Muslims, Prince Alwaleed takes his personal responsibilities very seriously. Committed to living a productive life, the Prince has developed a unique personal philosophy to guide him.

Prince Alwaleed believes that it is his duty as a good Muslim to use his influence and broad connections to promote understanding and peace between people, and to improve the lives and prospects of those in need, regardless of nationality, race, or creed. As a lifelong student of Islam, he is proud to live his life in respect to the religion’s five pillars. The Prince spends a great deal of time reading the holy Qur’an and meditating on its teachings as part of a personal quest to understand the words of the Prophet (PBUH) and correctly interpret this wisdom for the modern world.

The Prince describes himself as being religiously conservative, but with a liberal outlook on the social and cultural aspects of contemporary Islam. For example, Prince Alwaleed is a keen supporter of women’s rights, and is working to improve women’s prospects across the Arab world through his Foundations. Beyond this, Prince Alwaleed is also realistic about the need for political and social reform in the Middle East, being an advocate of more inclusive societies that have historically been held back by outmoded, autocratic socio-political systems. The Prince is keen to play his part in reducing the economic gap between the world’s inhabitants, feeling that the basic needs of housing, health care, and education must be addressed as a matter of urgency.