Princess Basmah bint Saud

Basmah bint Saud is a businesswoman and a member of House of Saud who supports reform in Saudi Arabia.


Early Life

Princess Basmah, born, March 1, 1964, is the youngest of King Saud’s 115 children. Her mother, Jamila Merhi, Syrian, was chosen as King Saud’s wife in arranged marriage during pilgrimage visit to Mecca.
Basmah bint Saud apparently saw her father only twice. The Princess was born towards the last days of the father’s reign and was raised in Beirut, Lebanon. During the 1975 Civil War in Lebanon, the Basmah family fled to seek asylum in Britain.

Educational Background

Princess Basmah attended French school in Beirut, Hertfordshire girl’s school and college in London – and spent two years studying in Switzerland. In 2003, the mother went back with her to Syria. Basmah enrolled for medicine, psychology and English Literature study at Beirut Arab University.

Business Entrepreneurship

Basmah founded a chain of restaurants in Saudi Arabia after divorce from her Saudi husband. She’s nursing ambitious plans to spread her restaurant chain into Britain. This Princess has been called the Oprah Winfrey of the Middle East, owning and running the successful Media Ecco business.

In addition to her thriving businesses, the Princess is creating ripples with mouth watering cuisines in the hotel industry through her catering firm. Plans are underway to expand the catering business.

What Others Say

Basmah is actively involved in collective participation in different social institutions and human rights organizations. She’s been published in Al Madina newspaper advocating the setting up of Islamic institution to promote international relationships between the Arab and Western nations.

The Princess is forthright, fearless and frank in her blogging as a true believer in the old adage,
“The pen is mightier than the sword.” The views expressed in her website lend credence to these words.
In another development, this remarkable woman has been quoted to deliver hard hitting messages on the ban regarding mixed gatherings between men and women and calling for action in relaxation of laws on women clothing.