Nayef bin Abdulaziz

Nayef bin Abdulaziz was former Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, former first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior point man for six decades in Saudi Arabia government is from the House of Saud. The highly influential prince and heir passed away in 2012 whilst staying at his brothers residence.

Nayef bin Abdulaziz


Early Life and Education

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the twenty third son was born to King Abdulaziz and Hassa bint Ahmed Al Sudairi in 1934. The Prince education in diplomacy and security following formal education at “Princes’ School” and from Muslim legal scholars, paved the young way to take up administrative responsibilities in Saudi Arabia Government.

Profession and Career

Prince Nayef served as governor of Riyadh Province for one year and Madinah Province for seventeen straight years before King Faisal appointed him Deputy Interior Minister in 1970.

Crown Prince Nayef tenure as Deputy Prime Minister ushered in a new dispensation of administration in the country. The one notable change involved modernization and removal of “religious authorities who objected to the mingling of men and women in public spaces,” provided the meetings “meet the standards of women’s decency and don’t contradict Islamic laws,” the Prince noted according to Al Hayat report.

Crown Prince Nayef further reiterated that the Kingdom’s Olympic authority would “help in ensuring that their participation does not violate the Islamic shari’a law.”

Participation and Political Influence

Prince Nayef’s time in office as Minister of Interior received a huge boost from the support of his full brother King Fahd. Crown Prince Nayef mediated disputes in the royal family position making him the most influential Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia during King Fahd’s reign. Not only that, Prince Nayef also ceased every opportunity to place members of Interior Ministry in all overseas embassies.

The Prince was a staunch supporter for aggressive activity against countries that didn’t toe the line of the 2001 security agreement. Prince Nayef is on record for advocating “no to change, yes to development…” motto. He urged European nations to turn in suspects and asked US intervention on this issue.

Prince Nayef was instrumental in “Saudi Arabia’s confrontation against Al Qaeda, which sponsored a series of domestic attacks on expatriate housing compounds, oil infrastructure, and industrial facilities.” This position was enhanced by media exposure and “successful end to terrorist attacks,” in Saudi Arabia.

Nayef held various key administrative positions including supervisor general of the Saudi committee for the Al Quds intifada. This committee was charged with the task of providing aid to Palestinian refugees.

The Prince spearheaded regulation of the internet in the country as head of the supreme council on information. He also headed the ministerial committee on morality and oversight as chair of Supreme Committee on the Hajj in the World Trade organization.

Prince Nayef Personality

Nayef is regarded as “one of the kinder members,” of Saudi Arabia royal family. The Prince gained support from social and religious conservatives in the country from his conservative views. This approach positioned the prince in good standing together with the full brother, then Deputy Interior Minister Prince Ahmed. The two are credited for honesty in disbursing government funds allocated for security to designated purpose.

Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz, then Minister of Interior, holds a press conference  to announce the liberation of Grand Mosque from Juhaiman and his group of deviants.

Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz, then Minister of Interior, holds a press conference
to announce the liberation of Grand Mosque from Juhaiman.


Personal Life

Prince Nayef married three lovely and beautiful women: Noura Alfarraj Alsubaie, Al Jawhara bint Abdulaziz bin Musaid Al Jiluwi and Maha bint Mohammed bin Ahmad Al Sudairi. He had ten children.

Prince Nayef courageously battled with ill health yet performed his duties satisfactorily until his death on 16 June 2012. Reuters report on Prince Nayef’s death indicated the Prince died in Switzerland of “cardiac problems.” This report was confirmed by the royal court statement on burial arrangement which took place on 17 June 2012.
US President Barack Obama, French President François Hollande, UK Foreign Minister William Hague, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Turkish President Abdullah Gul, and other leaders of Arab and Persian Gulf States condolences to the people of Saudi Arabia denote the Prince active participation in world politics and in the country.

The Prince’s Honors and Awards

Prince Nayef was awarded many honors for positive contribution in various positions as Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister and holding conservative views on the position of marginalized in the country.

Crown Prince Nayef received a record total of 8 honors including five in 1977, two in 1980 and 2009 respectively while still alive and one after his death in 2013.
• Military Order of the Cloud and Banner by Taiwan -1977.
• Legion of Honor by France – 1977
• Al Kawkab Decoration by Jordan – 1977
• Order of Abdulaziz Al Saud (First Class)
• Order of the Liberator by Venezuela – 1977.
• Order of National Security by Republic of South Korea – 1980.
• National Order of the Cedar by Lebanon – 2009.
Crown Prince Nayef was honored after his death by the United Nations with the Outstanding Donor Award for the Special Human Settlements Program for the Palestinian People on 28 June 2013.